In the classroom, you will find Rocky Mountain College's professors offer stimulating and inspiring lectures - however, you will also quickly find that their classrooms are not always confined by walls.

Instead, you may find yourself in a field laboratory in Yellowstone National Park, where you’re examining wolf kill or re-learning how to view the world through the lens of a camera.

You may wander through the Yellowstone Art Museum to view an exhibition of French Impressionists, then be guided by RMC's art professors to create and showcase your own masterpieces.

You might even find yourself taking classes conducted 10,000 feet off the ground in a Beechcraft airplane.

Classrooms in historic campus buildings are the norm, but instruction may also take place at archaeological digs in Bethsaida, Israel, or old Vienna. On a more local level, our students have the opportunity to visit the site where Custer met his fate, then discuss the battle with their peers and Native American experts on campus.

Whether studying in Rome, Yellowstone National Park, or Tyler Hall, there's no hiding in the back row. The 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio ensures everyone has a front row seat. You’ll also enjoy the fact that classes are taught by professors with Ph.Ds. One-on-one and small-group interactions led by professionals with real-life experience in their fields are essential ingredients to a great education at RMC.

In getting to know your professors both in the classroom and around campus, you will discover that, in addition to knowledge, they also have interesting histories and personal interests that make relationships with them even more enriching.