Learning Outcomes

Accountancy Student Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate with a master of accountancy will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of measurement and disclosure criteria (Measurement);
  2. Formulate and communicate, in an objective and clear manner, findings and recommendations (Reporting);
  3. Employ research skills pertinent to ascertaining the application of legislation, standards, and other rules (Research);
  4. Employ risk analysis techniques per Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS) (Risk Analysis);
  5. Demonstrate mastery of decision-modeling techniques (Decision Modeling);
  6. Use technological resources efficiently and effectively (Technology);
  7. Provide useful information for decision making (Strategic/Critical Thinking);
  8. Identify sources of resources and the appropriate strategies or actions necessary to preserve and enhance resources (Resource Management);
  9. Describe the legal and regulatory environment in which organizations operate (Legal/Regulatory Perspective);
  10. Describe the economic environment in which organizations operate (Industry/Sector Perspective);
  11. Articulate the needs of clients, employers, customers, and markets (Marketing/Client Focus);
  12. Exchange information within a meaningful context and with appropriate delivery (Communication);
  13. Demonstrate an ability to interact productively with others (Interaction);
  14. Demonstrate an understanding of effective leadership (Leadership);
  15. Control the course of a multi-dimensional, multi-step undertaking (Project Management);
  16. Employ effective problem-solving and decision-making skills (Problem Solving/Decision Making);
  17. Behave in a manner consistent with the character and standards of the discipline of accounting (Professional Demeanor).