Aviation Program Application and Admissions Requirements

Archer in flight

There is not a separate admissions process for the aviation program. Acceptance for admission to Rocky Mountain College is all that is required. Aeronautical science majors must possess a Class I or Class II medical certificate. Students conditionally admitted to RMC because of previous academic performance will not fly the first semester. Please contact Dan Hargrove, director of aviation, if this requirement impacts you. Students must maintain at least a 2.00 to start or continue flight training.

Typically, incoming freshman will fly the first semester, though some may wait until second semester, depending on academic standing or number of incoming students. Athletes in fall intercollegiate sports typically do not fly the first semester.

Things you will need before your first flight:

  • Proof of citizenship (an original birth certificate or current passport). This document will just be viewed by RMC, but not kept;
  • A current FAA medical certificate (at least a Class II). See the medical certificates page of this website to find a doctor near you;
  • A headset for flying. Please contact Flight Operations at 406.254.9525 if you would like advice on what to buy; and
  • An iPad Mini. You will use it for all of your charts, maps, checklists, and regulations. It must be an Apple brand as the software subscription you will get is only compatible with an iPad. It also must be a mini-size, not a full-size iPad. This is because of space limitations in the cockpit. Once you are here we will give you instructions on how to subscribe to the software called Foreflight.

If you completed flight training before coming to RMC for which you would like credit, you need to bring documentation showing what you have done. We typically accept previous training for private pilot or the instrument rating. Talk to the director of aviation about your individual circumstances.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Flight labs are part of the college curriculum and are therefore eligible for financial aid. There are numerous aviation scholarships available specifically to RMC students, as well as others available only to student pilots in Montana. These are available to students currently enrolled in the program and are merit-based, not need-based.

Students have access to over 700 aviation scholarships, valued at $1.4 million, which are offered to aviation students nationwide. Two great websites for information on aviation scholarships are:

“I’m getting paid to be a flight instructor while I’m earning college credits as an intern—I can’t think of a better deal for a student. RMC is really helping start my career on the right foot.”

Sam Rettig, senior
Bridger, Montana