The best part about the aviation program is the people - students, faculty, and staff. All of our staff and faculty have a wealth of experience in the aviation industry, bringing the real world into the classroom and cockpit, and they are also experience educators who know how to teach and will know you personally. Click on the links below to learn more about the leaders and mentors in our program.

Dan Hargrove, M.S.

Director of Aviation
Phone: 406.657.1060 
Office: Aviation Hall 101B 
Email: dan.hargrove@rocky.edu

Scott Wilson, J.D.

Phone: 406.657.1059
Office: Aviation Hall 101C
Email: wilsons@rocky.edu

Clete Knaub, M.S.

Assistant Professor
Phone: 406.238.7370 
Office: Aviation Hall 101C 
Email: clete.knaub@rocky.edu

Joshua McDowell

Assistant Professor
Phone: 406.657.1061
Office: Aviation Hall 101C
Email: mcdowelj@rocky.edu