Four-Year Pledge

We believe a quality college degree should be obtained in no more than four years. Rocky Mountain College pledges that new students majoring in aeronautical science or aviation management will graduate in no more than four years if they adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Students must complete an average of 16 semester hours each semester or 32 credits each academic year. An academic year consists of a Fall, Spring, and Summer Semester; therefore, summer credits count toward the 32 credits. Students must maintain full-time status during Fall and Spring Semesters.
  2. Students must declare a major in aeronautical science or aviation management with the Office of Student Records and by contacting the director of aviation before the beginning of their second semester of attendance at RMC.
  3. Students cannot changes majors to another field of study. Students may changes between the two aviation majors, but not later than at the beginning of their third semester of attendance at RMC.
  4. If majoring in aeronautical science, students must complete at least one flight rating per year and must finish multi-engine training before the beginning of their eighth semester at RMC.
  5. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 and a major GPA of 2.25.
  6. Students must meet at least once per semester with their academic advisor and follow the program of study for course sequencing and enroll in classes during registration week to include flight labs. The student is responsible for class scheduling and enrollment.
  7. Students must not be placed on probation or suspension at any time during the four years.


If a student follows these guidelines and does not complete a bachelor's degree in four years, Rocky Mountain College will offer a grant to cover all tuition costs until the degree is complete. Students receiving funding to complete their degree are required to apply for and receive all federal and state resources, which will be applied to tuition. RMC scholarships and federal/state grants will not exceed tuition.

Exceptions: A student cannot elect additional majors, minors, or certificates that extend the course of study beyond that which is specified in the program of study or stay beyond four years because of red-shirt status in athletics. A student who "stops out" from the College for a semester or more for any reason is no longer eligible for the Four-Year Pledge due to potential catalog changes and sequencing issues.

Rationale: Our accreditation by the Aviation Accreditation Board International confirms the quality of the academic program, and our Flight Operations meets all standards established by the FAA. In addition, we strongly encourage our students to be involved in the life of the College outside of the aviation program, as those experiences enhance their education. We believe strongly in the quality of our academic advising program and availability of required courses. A commitment by the student, faculty, and staff will ensure this quality education is obtained in four years.

Please talk to the director of aviation if you are interested in committing to the Four-Year Pledge.