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At Rocky Mountain College, safety is paramount in all that we do. Everyone is responsible for ensuring we operate as safely as possible in the air, on the ground, in the hangar, on the drive up to fight operations, and even in the classroom. If any individual student has safety concerns or questions, we are dedicated to providing open communication and resolution of the concern or question. Communication is essential and can ultimately prevent a concern from becoming an accident.

Safety Meeting

In order to increase communication effectiveness, a mandatory safety meeting will be held once a semester, and all students are required to attend one of three sessions. In these meetings, the director of aviation, the director of flight operations, and the safety officer will present information on the semester safety topic. The semester safety topic will be emphasized for the duration of the semester and will encourage student contribution and participation on subjects relating to safety and to the current safety topic. At the end of the semester, a new safety topic will be chosen for the next semester. Student contribution is particularly important as the students are the ones who experience safety concerns every day. If you are interested in assisting with the safety topic or any safety related issue, please contact the safety officer.

Reporting Safety Incidents

In order to encourage open communication between students and persons in authority, a safety reporting program has been established for the flight operations. If you are ever involved in a situation that is safety related, or if you witness a situation that is of concern to you, please report it on the Safety Hazard or Incident Form and turn it in to the safety officer or anonymously drop it in the suggestion boxes at Flight Operations or Aviation Hall. RMC is interested in learning from these hazards and/or incidents to further improve our safety program and continue to strive to be as safe as possible. The safety data will be used for future efforts in reducing safety hazards and violations, as well as preventing accidents or incidents. In addition to anonymously depositing the Safety Hazard or Incident Form in the suggestion box, you may anonymously report any safety concern by mailing the report to:

Rocky Mountain College Flight Operations
Safety Program
1511 Poly Drive
Billings, MT 59102

A safety scholarship will be presented each year to the student who contributes the most to our safety program. The award will be presented at the end-of-the-year Aviation Awards Banquet.