Archer AircraftWhy Minor In Aeronautical Science?

Would you like to be able to rent or own a small airplane to fly just for pleasure? Would you like to be able to fly your own plane to help your business? If so, this minor is for you. The most significant part of the minor is that it includes becoming an FAA-certified private pilot. You will take private pilot ground school and flight training from our excellent aviation program. You will meet our very high standards that will make you both safe and professional. The costs of flight training will be included in your cost of attendance, so financial aid and scholarships can help you through the training.

You'll also take courses that will help you understand how you fit into the world of aviation and will make you a better pilot. Air traffic control, aviation safety, and electives will make flying an important part of your life without being a professional pilot. If you are interested in becoming a professional pilot, you should major in aeronautical science.