Why Minor in Computer Science?

While computer science is its own academic field, it becomes most useful when it's paired with another subject. Most modern-day stock market trading and prediction systems are build with core ideas from the field. The Human Genome Project, for example, could not have happened without the input of computer scientists. Not only did the project involve lots of programmers, but many of the building techniques for building the genome, like Shotgun Sequencing, were developed by computer scientists from concepts at the core of computer science. Even fields like literary analysis, music, and sociology, which seem to be on the opposite spectrum from computer science, have made new breakthroughs using ideas from computer science.

No matter your major field, a minor in computer science greatly expands what you can do, as well as the jobs that are open to you when you graduate. Even non-majors taking a single class in the department have commented on how the techniques that we teach in class have helped them in their internships and enabled them to do things that no one else in their department could do.