Why should your son or daughter major in English at Rocky Mountain College? An English degree not only opens the traditional doors to a career in teaching, but it develops a set of skills too often lacking in college graduates. Skills, however, that are increasingly demanded across our economy, from business to professional schools to law or publishing. CNNMoney writes that "the verbal and written communication skills that English majors possess remain in top demand at nearly every company in America. ... Businesses tell use they like to hire English majors because they feel that they can think. They're got the writing and analytical skills they need."

In our program, students read some of the greatest books ever written, but studying literature has far less to do with losing oneself in books than finding one's place in this world and developing the skills needed for life after college. A small college and small classes mean that we understand the pressures, individual needs, and aspirations of our students, and the English faculty are grounded in our responsibility not only to educate students, but to prepare them for life after college. Highly developed reading and writing skills are sought by most professions, but equally essential are those vital skills needed to read and write well: textual analysis, critical thinking, problem solving, and the ability to communicate well and to persuade others - skills as useful for a career in business or law as for those who pursue a career in education. 

RMC's English program and its professional and caring faculty give students the individual attention, mentoring, and advising that they need to be successful, while challenging them to think critically, independently, and passionately in the vibrant intellectual environment of books and ideas.