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The Rocky Mountain College equestrian program has its first national champion, while the program’s graduating seniors have placed into selective and competitive career slots. 

At the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) national championships in Harrisburg, Pa., freshman Bekah Thomson won RMC’s first ever equestrian national championship.  Read more...

Welcome to Equestrian Studies 

IHSA RegionalsIn this highly competitive industry, our professional faculty provide a solid foundation of classical instruction and training practices utilizing historic principles with a modern application. Additionally, our faculty contacts throughout the equine world result in student opportunities for professional success at all levels of the multi-faceted equine industry.

RMC has some unique attributes that make it one of the top equestrian programs in the country:

  • Most of our equestrian studies instructors have been at RMC for over ten years, and they bring a wealth of experience to the program. They are professional trainers, coaches, exhibitors, and international judges. They have won world and national titles in competition, and two of them recently officiated at the World Equestrian Games. Because of their personal involvement in the equine industry, they form professional relationships that help our students with securing amazing internships and job opportunities;
  • A strong liberal arts education allows you to major in equestrian studies and many other areas (i.e. education, business, English, communications, physical education, etc.) Double majoring fits in nicely with the equestrian studies program;
  • RMC is one of the only colleges in the country to offer five equestrian studies majors and a pre-vet option. These options allow students to follow their passion and find their unique niche within the equestrian industry;
  • The colt training program is one-of-a-kind. In your junior year, you can take a colt and teach it from the ground up and refine its training over an entire year. At the year's end, the colt and rider compete in an on-campus show as a kind of graduation ceremony for the colt;
  • RMC offers both Western and English riding classes with a strong emphasis on foundational skills that allow you to specialize in the future;
  • The Intermountain Equestrian Center is outstanding. RMC uses approximately 75 box stalls, two indoor arenas, a large outdoor arena, 16 turn-out pens, and miles of trails;
  • Students have the option of showing on the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association team, and many students show at local and breed shows;
  • Horses on campus primarily represent stock breeds, but we also have warm bloods, thoroughbreds, Arabians, and the occasional exotic (Friesian, Andalusian, Fjord, etc.);
  • RMC runs its own therapeutic horsemanship center through PATH International, which is a training ground for students to work with local therapists and their clients; and
  • Value on the dollar is a key factor that makes the program one of the finest.