Why RMC for Health & Human Performance?

The health and human performance program at RMC examines the nature of health and human performance, ensuring students leave with the ability to make informed health decisions. Our students leave prepared to become competent professionals, as well as advanced study candidates.

To achieve these outcomes, the student will analyze the structure and function of the human body, apply physiological and biomechanical concepts to human movement, examine the acquisition of motor skills, explore the multi-dimensional nature of the health and human performance discipline, examine ethical issues and culturally diverse values related to the discipline, achieve the specific physical skills required to be competent in their profession, acquire a lifelong quest for knowledge, and develop a commitment to act responsibly in one's profession and on behalf of one's community. 

The health and human performance program offers varied opportunities for guided work experiences with schools, hospitals, sports medicine clinics, wellness centers, corporate fitness programs, and fitness facilities. These capstone opportunities allow students to express their multidisciplinary education by applying creative problem-solving and communication skills in professional settings.

While professional preparation is a goal, we also focus on liberal arts and personal development. When students leave RMC, they have the understanding necessary to work in their field and to serve in their community as wholly-educated individuals.