Why Minor In Mathematics?

The mathematics minor at RMC is designed to serve two primary purposes. First, it gives mathematically talented students the opportunity to pursue their interests in mathematics and receive recognition for their students without having to fulfill all the requirements for the major. The minor requires that students take the calculus sequence (Calculus I,II,III) and three elective courses. It can usually be completed within three years, and many times it is completed in a shorter time frame. The freedom to choose electives means students can pick courses that reflect their preferred "type" of mathematics.

Second, the mathematics minor serves as a means for students in the quantitative sciences to strengthen their understanding of the theoretical foundations in their primary field of study. Mathematics is viewed as merely a tool in many areas, and so students are introduced to how math is used, but the "why" is usually left unexplained. In other words, students are unsure about the meaning of mathematical notations and techniques and are hesitant about applying them actively. Competing a minor in mathematics will clarify and complement many courses taken in other fields.