Elizabeth McNamer
Philosophy & Religious Thought
Dr. Elizabeth McNamer
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Philosophy and Religious Thought

Preparation for Graduate School, Seminary or Law School

Philosophy and religion are the heart of a liberal arts education. They challenge students to question what is given superficially in culture and find their independent voice in life.

Philosophy searches out the basic assumptions and values that guide thought and action. In revealing how great thinkers have dealt with such issues as describing the good life, postulating the ideal society, and suggesting what the limits of knowledge are, the study of philosophy offers students guidance for meaningful living.

Religious traditions have provided individual and institutional practices that help persons engage life and death courageously and vigorously. Understanding the genesis and development of these traditions helps students understand the beliefs and values that shape world history, as well as motivate individual actions. Together, philosophy and religion have provided humans with orientation in the world and direction in life.

Students are invited to participate in the philosophical and religious tradition, starting from wherever they are, but moving toward a position of greater commitment and sophistication. Students frequently find study of these disciplines to be among the most liberating experiences of their college career.