Planning Your Philosophy and Religious Thought Major and Minor

Entering first-year students interested in philosophy and religion, the classics, or world literature are encouraged to take PHR 120: Classic Texts in Western Thought, in the Fall Semester. Otherwise, we recommend beginning with PHR 100: Introduction to Philosophy and Religion for students of first- or second-year standing. A course in the Biblical tradition may also be taken at this time, such as PHR 210: Genres of Biblical Literature or PHR 220: Jesus.

The philosophy and religious thought major (a minimum of 27 semester hours) is flexible by design because most students who major in our discipline do so only after they attend college for more than one year and take a course or two in philosophy and religious thought without intending to become majors. Even students of senior standing sometimes discover they have taken so many philosophy and religion courses that a major or minor is within reach. Although we do not recommend that approach, our program is usually flexible enough to accommodate such students.

Our majors and minors have been varied in their interests and educational plans. Many simply want to major in the field as a way of educating and enriching themselves, and most of these students have another major that they intend to pursue as a career, such as a career in teaching English, history, or political science or a career in environmental activism. Other students have graduate school philosophy or religion in mind, while others want to pursue advanced professional degrees, such as law, medicine, psychiatry, or social work. Faculty in the department offer advice tailored to each individual student.

Many of our majors do not fit the above profile. Again, we cannot recommend highly enough that students seek the advice of a member of the department in planning his or her major/minor.

For those interested in concentrating in philosophy and religious thought, we have a graduation plan.

Minor in philosophy & religious thought: a minimum of 18 semester hours, at least 15 above the 100 level and nine above the 200 level, normally to include one course in ethics (PHR 303, PHR 304, or PHR 340).

For your specific academic requirements, please consult the program requirements for your year of admittance and your intended major/minor.