Psychology Club LogoRMC Psychology Club (RMCPC)

The RMC Psychology Club is open to psychology majors, minors, and anyone else interested in psychology. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please send an email to or to Check out our Facebook page and stay up to date with RMCPC!


The RMC Psychology Club is the campus club dedicated to serving students with an interest in psychology regardless of their major. The mission of RMCPC is to provide a social environment in which students are provided relevant information to connect them with psychology faculty at Rocky Mountain College, promote the understanding of psychology as a human science, and provide students with information relevant to graduate school, career opportunities, and research opportunities at RMC. Most of the meetings will include speakers on various topics of interest in psychology. Participating in RMCPC is a great way to meet and talk with other students who share similar goals and interests. It is also an excellent source of information for anyone who is still deciding on a profession or who plans to attend graduate school.


Psychology Club meetings are held twice a month on Tuesdays at noon in Losekamp Hall 30, however, meetings are subject to change at the executive officers' request. Meetings will be announced to club members via email, flyers, and Facebook. Club events are ordinarily open to all RMC students and the general public.

Dues and Membership

Any interested RMC student can officially join the RMC Psychology Club by paying annual dues of $5 or as decided by executive officers. Dues may be paid at any time of the year, but are not prorated. The amount of dues will be decided on and ratified in the spring of each academic year by the executive committee. RMCPC officers are exempt from yearly dues in exchange for their service to the club.

Psychology Club membership includes:

  • A chance to meet other psychology majors and/or minors
  • Opportunities to volunteer and help the surrounding community
  • Opportunities to see guest speakers in the field
  • Networking possibilitiesRMCPC Officers
  • Job ideas and opportunities

2013-2014 RMCPC Officers

  • President: Camille Gonzales
  • Vice President: Gillian Williams Burden
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Macayla Birdwell
  • Public Relations: Sky Gabel
  • Faculty Advisor: Ambrin Masood