Academic Advising Manual

(The entire manual is available as a PDF here, or individual sections can be downloaded through the links below.)

Table of Contents

 I. Mission

II. Goals and Objectives

III. Advising Information

a. FERPA Regulations

b. Ethical Issues in Advising

c. RMC Advising Information

d. Hints for New Advisors

e. The Advising Syllabus

IV. Placement Guidelines

a. English and Math

b. Advanced Placement (AP) Guidelines

c. At-Risk Student Identification

V. Resources

a. Students for Academic Success (SAS)

b. Drop-in Tutoring

c. Career Planning and Placement and Montana Education Licensure

d. Gateways Check Lists for Teacher Education

e. Early Warning Program

VI. NAIA Eligibility Regulations

VII. Reference Information

a. Academic Policies

b. Probation and Suspension

c. Support Services

d. Counseling and Health Centers

e. Honors Program

f. Registration Enrollment Procedures and Guidelines

g. Student Appeals

h. Waivers and Substitutions

i. Challenging a Course

j. Requesting a Change to the Final Exam Schedule