Program Requirements 2008-2009

Below faculty and students can access program requirements, which list required classes for majors and minors under the 2008-2009 course catalog. The worksheets are effective tools for tracking progress toward completion of a major and/or minor. Please note that all files are in PDF format.

Master of Accountancy 
Master of Accountancy and Business Major 
Accounting Minor 
Aeronautical Science Major (Professional Pilot) 
Aeronautical Science Minor 
Applied Management Major 
Art Major 
Art Minor 
Aviation Management Major 
Biology Major 
Biology Minor 
Business Management Major 
Business Management Minor 
Chemistry Major 
Chemistry Minor 
Communication Studies Major 
Communication Studies Minor 
Computer Science Major 
Computer Science Minor 
Creative Writing Major 
Education - Elementary Education Major 
Education - K-12 Art Major 
Education - K-12 Music Major 
Education - K-12 Physical Education Major 
Education - Art Minor 
Education - Biology Minor 
Education - History Minor 
Education - Mathematics Minor 
Education - Political Science Minor 
Education - Psychology Minor 
Education - Theatre Minor 
Education - Secondary Major 
Education - Secondary Biology Major 
Education - Secondary English Major 
Education - Secondary History Major 
Education - Secondary Mathematics Major 
Education - Secondary Psychology Major 
Education - Secondary Social Studies Broadfield Major 
Literary Studies Major 
Literary Studies Minor 
Environmental Science Major - Chemistry option 
Environmental Science Major - Geology option 
Environmental Science Major - Ecology option 
Environmental Science Major 
Environmental Science Minor 
Environmental Studies Major 
Equine Business Major 
Equine Writing and Publications Major 
Equine Equitation and Training Major 
Equestrian Studies Minor 
Equine Riding Instructor Major 
Equine Therapeutic Riding Major 
General Education Requirements 
Geology Major 
Geology Minor 
History Major 
History Minor 
History and Political Science Major 
Managerial Accounting Major 
Mathematics Major 
Mathematics Minor 
Music Minor 
Music Performance Major 
Native American Studies Minor 
Philosophy and Religious Thought Major 
Philosophy and Religious Thought Minor 
Physical Education and Health - Athletic Training Major 
Physical Education and Health - Athletic Training Minor 
Physical Education and Health - Coaching Major 
Physical Education and Health - Exercise Science Major 
Physical Education and Health Studies Major 
Physical Education and Health Studies Minor 
Physical Education and Health - Athletic Training Pre-Professional Major 
Physical Education and Health - Sports Management Major 
Physics Minor 
Political Science Minor 
Psychology Major 
Psychology Minor 
Sociology and Anthropology Major 
Sociology and Anthropology Minor 
Spanish Minor 
Theatre Major - Performance Emphasis
Theatre Major - Technical Emphasis
Theatre Minor
Writing Minor