Curriculum Revision Process

  1. Curricular changes, including new courses, changes to existing courses, and changes in program requirements, are initiated by tenure-stream faculty member(s).
  2. Proposed curricular changes are reviewed by other members of the program.
  3. Relevant form(s) are completed and the proposal is sent to the Curriculum Committee with recommendation.
  4. The proposal is reviewed by the Curriculum Committee.
    (a) If all elements of proposal are complete, then proceed to (5). 
    (b) If proposal is not complete, it is returned to contact person with explanation.
    (c) Curriculum Committee will mediate potential problems through discussion with program faculty.
  5. Proposal is sent to the Faculty Executive Committee for inclusion on the agenda of the upcoming faculty meeting.
  6. Curriculum Committee informs proposal’s contact person of place on agenda of faculty meeting.
  7. The proposal is presented at the faculty meeting.
  8. If approved, the Curriculum Committee delivers the changes to the relevant office for inclusion in the upcoming catalog.