Sonja and KeturahA Family Affair

Growing up in a Hutterite colony (Flat Willow Ranch in Roundup, Mont.), cousins Sonja and Keturah Stahl obtained some unusual skills. Speaking German, for instance, is not a talent the typical American possesses.

But because of their somewhat untraditional upbringing, the Stahl cousins grew up in households that encouraged excellence – scholastically and socially. 

The girls took that to heart and achieved academically, while taking part in a number of extracurricular activities, in the pursuit of higher education.

Now, both are happy to be attending Rocky Mountain College. In choosing a college, both wanted to be close to their families, and coming from smaller high schools, it was important to select a college offering more personalized instruction.

RMC met their expectations, and their academic achievements earned them merit scholarships making it possible to attend their “dream school.”

Sonja will be studying biology, with hopes to further her education in the RMC physician assistant program. Keturah plans to study political science, to achieve her dream of attending law school.

Listening to them, it's obvious their atypical upbringing helped them develop into young women who are anything but average.

"Growing up in the colony prepared us,” Sonja says. “They are very progressive people and know how to work. They instill that work ethic in their children."