2015-16 Ski Racing Schedule

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Tentative Race Schedule is Subject to Change




Jan. 3-4 NCAA FISU UU (Pat Miller) Park City, Utah
Jan. 5-8 WR Tech Elites FIS Park City/Snowbird Utah
Jan. 8-10 NCAA FISU MSU Big Sky, Mont.
Jan. 16-18 USCSA Grand Teton RMC* Red Lodge, Mont.
Jan. 22-24 NCAA FISU CU Eldora, Colo.
Jan. 29-30 NCAA FISU UNM Red River, NM
Feb. 5-8 USCSA Grand Teton MSU* Bridger Bowl, Mont.
Feb. 13-16 WR Tech Elite FIS (Wild West) Snowking, Wyo.
Feb. 18-20

USCSA WR Championships

Red Lodge, Mont.
March 7-12 USCSA National Championships Lake Placid, NY
April 1-4 WR Tech Elite FIS (Spring Series) Mission Ridge, Wash.
April 8-10 USSA Open (Over the Hill Gang) Bridger Bowl, Mont.

* USSA Grand Teton Conference meets