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Rocky Mountain College alumnus publishes book on pilot leadership  

BILLINGS, November 10, 2014 – RMC alumnus Kristofer Pierson has published a book titled Pilots In Command: Your Best Trip, Every Trip. The book is targeted for aspiring airline pilots, and covers topics ranging from requirements of basic flight training to advice for student and professional aviators on how to become leaders in the industry.

Pierson’s book will be used in collegiate aviation curriculums and by flight schools throughout the world. Pierson describes the book as a tool to help pilots meet newly implemented federal aviation regulations and certification requirements, which require airline pilots to complete a comprehensive ground school with instruction on leadership, professional development, crew resource management, and safety culture. 

“The upshot of these new requirements is this: every airline hires pilots with the intention that they will someday in the near future upgrade to a captain position,” writes Pierson in the book. “The FAA certifies pilots with the intention that they are ultimately responsible – and qualified – for every operation they will undertake under the privileges afforded them by their ATP certificate.”

“The regulations are explicit…all airline pilots must be fully qualified to act as pilot-in-command,” Pierson explains. Pierson stated that the book is released just in time, as thousands of new pilots are needed worldwide to meet an unprecedented demand.

Pierson graduated from Rocky Mountain College in 1997 as a President's Cup winner and went on to become a flight instructor and collegiate faculty member in Minneapolis. His career has included being a pilot for a Delta Connection carrier for 13 years, and he is currently a pilot for United Airlines. 

The book, which is published by Aviation Supplies and Academics (ASA), is available in softcover and eBook formats. More information can be found on the book’s website at

Approximately 100 students are enrolled in the aviation program at Rocky Mountain College, making it one of the largest academic programs at the College. The aeronautical science program includes a four-year baccalaureate degree that prepares graduates for careers as professional pilots.