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President’s Cup recipient and ASRMC President Caroline Jones makes an impact on Rocky Community

BILLINGS, August 22, 2014 - President of the 2014 Associated Students of Rocky Mountain College (ASRMC), recipient of the President’s Cup award, volunteer, and exemplary student Caroline Jones walked across the stage at RMCs 2014 commencement ceremony. Graduation is the culmination of 16 years of education for most – the recognition of a job well done and a degree earned. Jones has earned the honor to walk at graduation with magna cum laude honors. From Roseville, Minn. (population 34,666 as of the 2012 census), she has had a powerful presence on campus through her involvement with the ASRMC and in the community.

"Caroline is one of the strongest servant-leaders. Leadership has been thrust upon her and she is someone who hasn’t gone out for recognition,” said Vice President for Student Life Brad Nason. She has been the “quiet steady motor” behind ASRMC and has been instrumental in ASRMCs recent efforts to reinvigorate student publications and establish the upcoming U360 phone app.

Jones was recently awarded RMCs prestigious President’s Cup award – selected by the faculty, the recipient is based on scholarship, leadership, and contributions to RMC and the greater community. Speaking of her award, Jones said it was “really an honor” and that although it was never on her “agenda” it’s wonderful to know that she did have an impact on her campus community.

"Caroline has a natural ability to make other students feel welcomed and supported” said Associate Dean for Student Life Katie Carpenter. “Her advocacy, example and friendship with the first-year students that she worked with left a lasting impression. Several of the students she worked with have gone on to become student leaders and engaged members of the campus community. I have not doubt that that can be attributed to, in part, by Caroline's mentorship” Carpenter said.

Jones spent her junior year as an ASRMC senator and took on the position of president at the beginning of her senior year. “I really like to be involved in everything,” Jones said, and ASRMC was one of the best ways to do that on campus. “It’s been a really good growing experience to be a leader among my peers” and working on the professional side at RMC has helped too. She has represented the student body during the recent hiring search for the Academic Vice President and has had a chance to see the process through. “I loved it,” Jones said.

Jones received her Bachelor of Science degree in business management with an emphasis in managerial accounting. And those real-world experiences have translated into real-world employment with CTA Architects & Engineers in Billings. Jones has accepted a position with their human resources department, set to start just two weeks after graduation.

She has been an active member of RMCs Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and recently started coaching track at Billings Central Catholic High School. “I love track; my coaches in high school had a big impact,” and now Jones is making her impact too.