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The Halloween Spook-tacular magic show will be presented at RMC on October 31  

BILLINGS, October 29, 2014 – Rocky Mountain College will host its annual Halloween Spook-tacular magic show on October 31 at 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. in the Fortin Education Center Auditorium, room 102. RMC Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr. Gavin Kirton, along with chemistry students will be presenting the annual chemistry magic show.

The magic shows are open to the public and will include family-friendly events, such as ghostly liquid, pumpkin juice from Hogwart’s, colored fire, and exploding pumpkins. 

“The Halloween Spook-tacular is an event that will both entertain and educate the audience,” said Kirton. “In particular, we hope that the show will inspire children to find out more about chemistry and science in general.”

Dr. Kirton explained that students taking the “Chemical Magic” course at Rocky Mountain College have an in-depth look at the chemistry of the reactions that they will be presenting at the spook-tacular shows, particularly in making the demonstrations work well.

“Together, we will be showing some old favorites, such as magic pumpkin juice from Hogwarts and the screaming gummy bear and some new ones like the instant black worm and fire from enchanted water.” 

“This is where the magic of Halloween and the science of chemistry intersect,” said Gereint Sis, one of the RMC students who will be presenting at the magic show. Other RMC students who will be presenting include Jessica Hayes and Paige Tanaka. 

Each show will last about an hour, with finishing acts outside the south entrance of Fortin. Those who plan to attend are encouraged to dress in a costume.