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A look at the RMC graduating class of May 2014

Billings, August 22, 2014 - The students of Rocky Mountain College come from near and far, and 241 students are graduating in the 132nd RMC commencement ceremony on May 3, 2014. The students represent different ages, backgrounds, and interests; here is a snapshot of the graduating class:

  • Of the 241 total graduates (113 male, 128 female), there are 198 undergraduates and 43 graduate students, including 11 international students from three different continents.
  • 82.1 percent of graduates are receiving their undergraduate degree, and 17.8 percent of graduates are receiving their master’s degree, 12 with a master of educational leadership and 31 with a master of physician assistant studies.
  • 77 students are graduating with honors, 23 cum laude (GPA of 3.40-3.59), 35 magna cum laude (GPA 3.60-3.79), and 19 summa cum laude (GPA 3.80 and above)
  • 42 students (21.2 percent) are graduating with a double major, and five students (2.5 percent) have successfully completed the rare triple major.
  • Among the graduating class, the average GPA is 3.26 out of 4.00.
Regardless of the differences within the graduating class, one thing unites them all – Rocky Mountain College. Congratulations to the RMC Class of 2014!