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Photo caption: Tarah Anderson pours a glass of wine in the St. Chapelle winery tasting room.

Idaho’s largest winery hires RMC business student as first intern

Tarah AndersonBILLINGS, July 21, 2014 – Idaho’s largest winemaker, Ste. Chapelle winery in Caldwell, hired their first ever intern, RMC student Tarah Anderson (’15), to learn the business of selling fine wine.

This summer, Ste. Chapelle coordinated with RMC to take “our very first intern ever,” said retail manager Mary Sloyer. The business helped Anderson to complete her academic internship practicing business management. Sloyer said, “She was awesome, a joy to work with, a very quick study.”

In her two months of work, Anderson is helping the winery managers with marketing and business processes. Wineries often promote a “case club” or “wine club” to broaden their devotees, and Anderson has expanded the membership. Working with orders and inventory, she follows laws and procedures for shipping wine to different states. She has helped to create and distribute brochures, and provided IT help to her employer. “Her computer savvy helped,” Sloyer said. “We loved that she always found things to do.”

Anderson also helped to plan Ste. Chapelle's summer concert series, in addition to her daily duties of serving wine members and tasters while operating and stocking the wine tasting room.

“A challenge for me is having to learn about all the different aspects of each wine to be able to educate customers about them,” she said. Anderson was new to the business of selling wine, and the internship lets use her RMC business skills in a real-world environment.

“It was a great thrill to serve customers,” she said. “It is satisfying when a group of tasters come in and you get to be the one to help them find the perfect wine for a special occasion like their wedding.” 

She enjoyed “the pleasure of getting to learn how a corporation runs on a daily basis,” she said.     

“This experience has allowed me to grow in terms of customer service (interacting with other people including difficult customers), management, and understanding all the little aspects that go into running a big corporation.”

Anderson, a Rocky Mountain College dual major in economics/business management and physical education/athletic training, grew up in Caldwell, Idaho.