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Rocky student-athletes honored at year-end ceremony

BILLINGS, Mont. – May 13, 2016 – Rocky Mountain College honored its student-athletes from 17 sports, with a special awards ceremony, Wednesday, April 27.

Bruce Parker, Rocky’s Director of Athletics, emceed the event that saw the presentation of 44 individual team awards, as well as the 10 department awards, that were awarded to 14 individuals.

Fifty-eight graduating seniors received a senior blanket, a tradition started by the legendary Herb Klindt (athletics director, coach and professor from 1931-1968), also referred to as the “Father of Rocky Athletics.”

This year’s winners of the 10 athletic department awards were:

  • Herb Klindt Award (top senior male) TIE: Andre McCullouch (football, Riverside, Calif.), Rob Nyby (basketball, Plentywood, Mont.);
  • Clara Klindt Award (top female senior): Ahlea Billis (volleyball, Bozeman, Mont.);
  • Frank Mathew Award (top junior male) 3-WAY TIE: Erik Hogbom (ski racing, Ostersund, Sweden), Ben Teasdale (soccer, Denby Dale, England);
  • Helen Mathew Award (top junior female)­ Frida Svedberg (ski racing, Ostersund, Sweden);
  • President’s Award (top female and male senior) ­ Tori Bertsch (volleyball, Post Falls, Idaho;
  • DeRosier Award ­ Tenika Capouch (women’s basketball, Billings, Mont.);
  • Athletic Director Award – Kyla Clancy (golf, Park City, Mont.), Lydia Olsen (cheerleading, Billings, Mont.), Rachel Hein (soccer, Billings, Mont.), Ben Moerkerke (basketball, Conrad, Mont.).

The individual team awards went as follows:

Women’s Ski Racing:
Consistent Team Scorer ­ Emeline Lafarge
Most Improved ­ Camille Virelaude
Outstanding Competitor ­ Frida Svedberg

Men’s Ski Racing:
Consistent Team Scorer ­ Erik Hogbom
Most Improved ­ Sean McCormick
Outstanding Competitor – Andraz Reich-Pogladic 

Women’s Soccer:
Player’s Player of the Year ­ Janell Cabrera
Player of the Year ­ Rachel Hein
Leadership Award ­ Madi Huffman

Men’s Soccer:
Player’s Player of the Year ­ Jack Clancy, Ben Teasdale
Player of the Year ­ Jack Clancy
Leadership Award ­ Cole Catlin

Offensive Player of the Year ­ Mariah Stiffarm
Defensive Player of the Year ­ Brooke Myers
Most Valuable Player - Ahlea Billis
Most Inspirational ­ Tori Bertsch 

Men’s Cross Country | Track & Field:
Most Valuable Award - Fred Petsch
Rookie Award ­ Isaac Petsch
Most Improved Award ­ Josh Waldram 

Women’s Cross Country | Track & Field:
Most Valuable Award - Mackenzie O’Dore
Rookie Award - Kourtney Simonson
Most Improved Award - Sarah Rothstein 

Women’s Basketball:
Offensive Player of the Year ­ Tenika Capouch
Defensive Player of the Year ­ Hailee Farstveet
Most Valuable Player ­ Whitney Mitchell 

Newcomer Award ­ Kayla Downing
Most Improved Award ­ David Jurovich
Leadership Award ­ Tiana O'Tremba
Leadership Award ­ Megan O’Loughlin
Champions of Character Award ­ Lydia Olsen

Men’s Golf:
Newcomer Award ­ Colton Murphy 
Most Improved Award ­ Tyler Ordahl
Most Valuable Golfer ­ Jordy Donoven
Coaches Award - Bobby Anderson 

Women’s Golf:
Newcomer Award ­ Eryn Ellis
Most Improved Award ­ Nellie Enderby
Most Valuable Golfer ­ Kyla Clancy
Coaches Award ­ Kyla Clancy 

Men’s Basketball:
Defensive MVP ­ Ben Moerkerke
Battlin’ Bears Award ­ Tiegan Johnson
Most Valuable Player ­ Rob Nyby
Toby Kangas Award ­ Ben Moerkerke 

Offensive MVP ­ Andre McCullouch
Defensive MVP ­ Eric Buer
Special Teams MVP ­ Evan Connolly