Celebrating graduation Parents

A Great Education and So Much More

As a parent, you want the assurance your student not only receives an excellent preparation for their future, but also lives in a safe environment away from home. Rocky Mountain College is proud of its record on both counts. 

Our students across all majors enjoy a 99 percent placement in their chosen career fields or admission to graduate school upon graduation from Rocky Mountain College.

And when it comes to safety, our location in the community of Billings, Mont., affords a level of security not possible on most urban campuses. In addition, RMC enforces policies and employs a number of electronic features that help assure student safety.

When your child enrolls at RMC, he or she becomes part of a second family – our RMC family. Together, we will help your child achieve their dreams and become an outstanding adult, ready to fully participate in a demanding world. We encourage you to be actively involved in the application process and visit campus with your child. We’re confident you’ll like what RMC has to offer.