Work Study at Rocky Mountain College

The work study program is a great opportunity to earn additional money for your education. It is also a valuable way to gain career skills and experience. Student employment requires a commitment and involvement that is valued by faculty, staff, and students. This work experience establishes a foundation upon which future job endeavors can be built.

A great many of our students qualify for and participate in the program, making work study positions competitive. Students are not guaranteed a work study position. Your financial aid award indicates your eligibility for the work study program. It is up to each student to seek, apply for, and secure a work study position. The program provides both on-campus and off-campus opportunities. To qualify for the off-campus opportunities, you must be eligible for the Federal Work Study Program. Off-campus positions are with non-profit and government agencies that provide students a chance to reach beyond the RMC community. Participating agencies include elementary schools, Girl Scouts, the local animal shelter, Habitat for Humanity, and many more. The Office of Community Service assists eligible students interested in securing jobs that benefit the community.

Students must read and accept the RMC Student Employment Policy to participate in the work study program. You will be asked to accept this policy when creating an account in the work study time clock system. You can search for available jobs, log your hours, and print your time cards in the work study time clock system. Find step-by-step instructions for new users here.