Associated Students of Rocky Mountain College (ASRMC)



Clubs & Organization          

The Associated Students of Rocky Mountain College (ASRMC) consists of all students who register for 6 or more credit hours and such others as choose to pay the membership fee. ASRMC operates under a constitution available from the vice president of student services or online in the Student Handbook.

The ASRMC Governing Council is the Executive Board of the Associated Students, duly elected and appointed in accordance with the Constitution. The executive committee consists of the president, vice president, financial administrator, and secretary. The Student Senate consists of ten senators representing various campus constituencies. Three standing committees, appointed by the executive council, are responsible for the social, cultural/political, and publication activities and events.

ASRMC is the student's voice at Rocky Mountain College. It consists of senators that represent each residence hall constituency, off-campus students, international students, and the student body as a whole. Ultimately, though, every student is a member of ASRMC because they are part of the RMC community.

Elections for senators are held every spring and fall. To run for senator, students can obtain a petition from the Dean of Student's office. The newly appointed senators choose the ASRMC president after the spring election.

ASRMC seeks to channel concerns and comments that students have about Rocky to the proper people. By doing this, Rocky can truly be a college for its students. ASRMC communicates with people such as the Academic Vice President and the department chairs to keep everyone updated on what works and what needs improving.

ASRMC is also in charge of spending your activity and publications fees. We give this money to the Activities Department, and we also spend it on projects and gifts that the students express interest in.

Of course, ASRMC works to better student life in other ways. We hear from the students about trips to Spain, ways to better the yearbook, and Internet speed just to name a few. By helping with these ideas, ASRMC becomes truly involved with student life.