Frequently Asked Questions for Future Students

Q: What is it like to live on campus at RMC?

A: Rocky Mountain College Residence Life offers students much more than a place to sleep. Students living on campus will enjoy community living and create lasting relationships. The Residence Life staff in each hall strives to create dynamic and educational environments for students to enhance their classroom experience. The four residence halls around campus work to meet the needs of students with a variety of academic backgrounds and class standings. We encourage all students to be part of our on-campus family.

Q: When can I move in?

A: You may move in on the scheduled check-in date. Due to preparations for students' arrivals before both semesters, unfortunately early arrivals cannot be accommodated. To see exactly when the residence halls will open and close, please click here.  

Q: How do I become a Resident Assistant?

A: All students who have lived on campus for at least two semesters are eligible to apply to be Resident Assistants (RA). The RA application process begins in February and consists of a formal application, a group interview, and an individual interview. If you are interested in becoming an RA, feel free to contact the Director of Residence Life to discuss the details of the position.

Q: Am I required to live on campus?

A: All freshman and sophomore students are required to live on-campus. Students who are residents of Yellowstone County are exempt from living on campus, but are still encouraged to live on campus if possible.

Q: Can I apply to move off campus before my freshman and sophomore year are completed?

A: Prior to the start of fall semester, students with exceptional grades, verifiable medical conditions, verifiable financial need, students over 21 years-of-age, and those students who are married may apply to move off campus prior to their junior year. These applications are reviewed each December and May. To apply, complete the Off-Campus Housing Exemption & Contract Cancellation Request Form.

Q: Do I have to have a meal plan at RMC?

A: All students living in Widenhouse Hall or Anderson Hall are required to have either a Carte Blanche meal plan or a 10-meal plan. Students living in Rimview Hall, Jorgenson Hall, and off-campus are welcome to have a meal plan; however, it is not required. For more information regarding food services, visit Sodexo's website.

Q: Which residence hall is best for me?

A: RMC has four unique residence halls that each offer students a safe and comfortable living experience. First-year students are required to live in either Widenhouse Hall or Anderson Hall. Sophomore, junior, and senior students are eligible for Rimview Hall. Jorgenson Hall is reserved for students with at least a junior class standing. All Jorgenson residents must also be at least 21 years-of-age or older.

For more information regarding each of the RMC residence halls, please refer to the residence hall descriptions.

Q: Is there housing for married students or students with families?

A: RMC currently provides a limited number of units to accommodate students and their spouses or children in Jorgenson Hall. Due to the limited number, priority is given to current students. To obtain an application for family housing, please contact the Residence Life Office.