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140th Anniversary

140 years and counting!

140 Years of Excellence
Founded in 1878, RMC is built on the unique tradition of combining a liberal arts-rooted curriculum with professions-oriented programs. As the first institution of higher education in Montana, RMC prides itself on a rich tradition of educating students to be leaders and professionals through programs focused on cultivating critical thinking, creative expressions, ethical decision making, informed citizenship, and professional excellence.

Rocky Mountain College has roots that trace back to three separate colleges. The first was Montana Collegiate Institute in Deer Lodge, which enrolled its first class in 1878. Shortly after classes began in Deer Lodge, Wesleyan College opened its doors in Helena. In Billings, the current site of Rocky Mountain College, Billings Polytechnic Institute (BPI) began recruiting students from across the country at the turn of the century. The three schools became one entity in 1947 - Billings Polytechnic Institute, which was to become Rocky Mountain College - Montana's first and finest.

Our History

To fulfill the vision set forth by RMC’s founders, the College must continue to build on its history by offering an excellent education for anyone who has the ability and determination to earn a degree.

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Courageous Journey

"RMC is a college meant to live and contribute, and today it stands as the oldest continuing business in Montana, and a monument to Territorial settlers who wanted a college in place eleven years before statehood."

Arthur H. DeRosier, Jr. | RMC President 1987-2002

The RMC Photo Archives

View historic photos that trace Rocky's roots all the way back to 1878, more than 10 years before President Benjamin Harrison proclaimed Montana the 41st state in the union.

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RMC Timeline

The story of Rocky is a story of several colleges. Those schools became one entity in 1947 - Billings Polytechnic Institute, which became Rocky Mountain College. View an interactive timeline.

Montana Collegiate Institute founded
Montana Collegiate Institute renamed College of Montana
Billings Polytechnic Institute founded in Billings
Students rename Billings Polytechnic Institute Rocky Mountain College