Jeannette Rankin Peace Award

All recipients of the Jeannette Rankin Peace Award are individuals from Montana or with strong Montana ties who exemplify the values promoted by Ms. Rankin at the Peace Institute, namely: conflict resolution, understanding and unity among people of diverse backgrounds, and peacemaking on both a local and global level.

Previous winners include former United States Senator Mike Mansfield; Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen; Margaret Ping; Walter and Margaret Huffman; Carol Williams; Reverends Bob Freeman and Phillip Caldwell; Benjamin Pease, Jr. (pictured); the members of the Montana Logging & Ballet Company (Bob FitzGerald, Tim Holmes, Rusty Harper, and Steve Garnaas-Holmes); Eve Malo; Clare Sinclair; Edith Gronhovd; Ambassador George McGovern; David Morales; Greg Mortenson; Tom and Jean Sutherland; Ruth Curtis; Arthur H. DeRosier, Jr.; Lawrence F. Small; Terry Fettig; Marietta Jaeger Lane; Chuck Tooley; Bill Simmons; Rev. John Naumann; George and JoRae Sarsten; Haley Vannatta and Eileen Morris; Bill Kennedy; and for 2017 – Ralph Spence.

Nominations for 2018 are open to the public. Using the criteria noted above, please submit your nominations in writing to the Peace Institute at Rocky Mountain College (1511 Poly Dr., Billings, MT 59102) or by email at