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Virtual Advisor

Board of Trustees

Greg McDonald
Business Leader, Land Development (Chairman)

Kelly Coleman
Business Leader - Oil & Gas CEO (RMC ’02)

John Eisenhauer
Business Leader, Technology CEO/CTO (RMC ’80)

Dr. Scott Ellner
Business Leader, Healthcare CEO

Rev. George Goodrich
Executive Minister – Presbyterian Church

Dena Johnson
Business Leader, Insurance (RMC ’07)

Lyle Knight
Business Leader, Banking (retired)

Megan Kongaika
Chief Experience Officer, Banking (RMC ’04)

Steve Loveless
Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

Lynette Scott
Community Leader (RMC ’79)

Barb Skelton
Business Leader, Cattle Industry, Energy Consulting

Rev. Marc Stewart
Executive Minister, United Church of Christ

Rich St. John
Chief of Police (RMC ’80)

Pete Taylor
Hospitality Industry (RMC ’83)

Mike Walker
Business Leader, Real Estate (RMC ’91)

Jim Winchell
Business Leader, Accounting