Strategic Vision

RMC’s Core Themes

  • Academic Excellence
  • Transformational Learning
  • Shared Responsibility and Stewardship

Read a draft of the institution's strategic vision for 2028, "The Rocky Mountain College Outcome: Creating Futures and Transforming Lives."  

Summary of the Spring 2018 Survey

What do you believe are RMC’s core values?

“Teaching students to investigate their values, assumptions, and opinions and helping them arrive at new ones based on research, critical thinking, and writing.”

“In theory: Transformational learning is at the heart of this institution. In practice: Teaching. Some of that teaching is transformational, but I believe there are ways we can continue to make it more transformational.”

What makes RMC a unique organization?

“Intelligent, caring faculty, students & staff. A sense of stewardship and responsibility to the community. Open-mindedness in addressing the issues of the day.”

“Our collective efforts produce graduates who are well-rounded, educated, and wired to succeed. We need to embrace our difference. Our students make us unique. Students come to Rocky for a variety of reasons, whether it be academic or athletic, and the sense of community among our students and faculty/staff is unmatched”

Where would you like to see the College in 5 to 10 years?

“We want the current students to have such a challenging, powerful, growth-filled, and fun experience at RMC that they would speak positively about the institution and want their own children to attend.”

“I think we have an opportunity to collectively explore what kind of experience we want students to have.”

Strategic Enrollment Management

Eight working groups from College divisions met throughout the 2017-18 academic year;

They were asked to recommended processes and initiatives to address recruitment, retention, and overall institutional effectiveness;

They submitted dozens of recommendations that were then prioritized by the College Enrollment Management Steering Committee;

This process produced eleven recommendations for development and implementation this year.

Key Process Inputs

  • Mission and core themes;
  • All-campus survey;
  • SEM process;
  • Review of models, trends, and best practices relevant to our sector of higher education. For example:
    • Communicate distinctive identity that demonstrates value;
    • Expand co-/extra-curricular programs;
    • Enhance and develop key undergraduate and graduate academic programs.

What Makes RMC Distinctive?

Recurring message from RMC faculty and staff:

We value the opportunity to transform the lives of students who come to Rocky Mountain College from extremely varied backgrounds and with a wide range of strengths, capacities, talents, and interests.

Based on this distinction, our vision should:

  1. Emphasize academic and personal transformation.
  2. Strive for measurable and meaningful excellence.
  3. Be based on shared educational values.

RMC 2028

Rocky Mountain College will be the leader among all institutions in the State on Montana for transformational student experiences. The reputation of the College will be associated primarily with the excellence of the overall educational experience. The foundation for this quality will be faculty and staff with a demonstrated and uncompromised commitment to educating and mentoring the students drawn to our broad array of exceptional and comprehensive liberal arts, pre-professional, and graduate programs of study.

Rocky Mountain College will be nationally recognized for innovation and excellence in educational design and execution. Intentionally integrated opportunities for reflection will produce graduates who are aware of and capable of communicating the distinctive value of an RMC education. Our exceptional curricular experience will be supported by equally exceptional co-curricular programming and, in sum, will comprise the Rocky Mountain College Outcome: The successful development of students from a wide range of backgrounds to a shared high standard of achievement. RMC’s transformational education will provide the foundation for personal and professional success enabled by core capacities to think critically, communicate effectively, and collaborate productively with others. Such core capacities will be essential to understanding and resolving the complex challenges facing our communities and our world now and in the future.

This vision dedicates Rocky Mountain College to not only affirming our core themes, but to refining and focusing the meaning of those themes and to deliberately enhancing the development and integration of our core themes throughout the student experience.

Strategic Goals

  1. Academic Distinction
  2. Transformational Environment
  3. Enrollment and Graduation Rate Growth
  4. Financial Stability and Growth

Next Steps

  • Reconvene SEM groups to implement recommendations;
  • Establish a webpage with the working drafts of vision, key goals, and goal objectives;
  • Regularly discuss content and process at faculty and staff meetings;
  • Complete final vision and plan by April 15, 2019.