RMC partners with University of Montana Law School to offer 3+3 program

BILLINGS, Mont., December 19, 2019 – Rocky Mountain College has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Alexander Blewett III School of Law at the University of Montana to establish a 3+3 degree program for prospective law school students. 

The 3+3 program allows students to complete a bachelor’s degree and a law degree in six years rather than the more typical seven. Under the new program, students can attend Rocky Mountain College for three years and then apply to the Blewett School of Law to complete their education. Credits earned in the first year at the law school will serve as the final 30 credits for the student’s RMC degree.

“This program offers an excellent pipeline for students who know they want to go to law school,” said RMC Pre-Law Advisor and Professor of Political Science, Dr. Matthew O’Gara. “They can attend Rocky Mountain College and reap the benefits of small classes, personal attention and feedback on their writing as they prepare for law school. Much like RMC, the law school at UM is an incredible value. It’s consistently ranked among the best value law schools in the country and yet ranks third in the West in terms of placing students in clerkships, which is a solid path to a career in law. Only Stanford and Berkeley rate higher in this regard.”

“We’re excited to develop this partnership with Rocky Mountain College,” said School of Law Dean Paul Kirgis. “We’ve gotten outstanding students from RMC over the years, and this program will help open pathways for students to pursue legal careers on a shortened timeline and with a reduction in the student debt that burdens so many graduates.”

Students from a variety of majors can take advantage of the 3+3 program, which requires successful completion of at least 90 undergraduate semester hours, including core curriculum and major requirements. While admission to UM Law is not guaranteed, applicants for the 3+3 program will receive expedited review, with notice of the admission decision within two to four weeks of applying. 

The addition of the 3+3 program provides another pre-professional track at Rocky Mountain College and will help strengthen an excellent record of consistent placement for RMC students who want to continue on to graduate programs and professional careers.

“Our focus on the core skills of problem-solving, critical thinking, and writing align perfectly with the University of Montana Law School’s high-quality program,” said Provost and Academic Vice President, Stephen Germic. “We’re confident our students will meet UM Law’s high expectations and thrive in their pursuit of a law degree.”