Women Belly DancingFestival of Cultures

The next Festival of Cultures will be on  Sunday, June 10, 2018 , from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the campus of Rocky Mountain College.

Celebrating diversity and culture means celebrating family. This is the day to bring everyone with you to the festival.

This amazing festival is a celebration of cultural diversity. More than 7,000 guests join the Festival Board and volunteers on the RMC Green to sing, dance, and sample ethnic delicacies. The two phrases "our community" and "Festival of Cultures" are synonymous on this day.

A full year of meeting, planning, and learning precedes each festival, with a working committee bringing fresh ideas to the festival each year. This event is open to everyone at no cost.

If your family would like to present your heritage, please call 406.657.1042 and volunteer.

Irish DancerThe entertainment at the festival is second to none - we have dancing, poetry, and music available for you to enjoy all day. We provide shaded seating areas and free children's activities. We have introduced a cultural talent competition for children in elementary school through college; if you are interested for your class, please call the office for details. Vendors offer ethnic crafts representing their cultural background and food and drink from lands around our world. Wander the grounds enjoying a tamale from Mexico, sipping a coffee from Italy, while watching drummers from Japan.

Our cultural talent demonstration fills the Ryniker-Morrison Gallery in Technology Hall, with children's art papering the walls from floor to ceiling. This has become one of the highlights of the festival experience for our guests.

Please contact 406.657.1042 or peacestudies@rocky.edu for more information.