2016-2017 Board of Trustees

Rockwood Brown - Business Leader – Attorney  Randy Scott –  Business Leader, Banking 
Rev. David Burt – Executive Minister, Methodist Church Barb Skelton, Business Leader, Cattle Industry, Energy Consulting
David Dietrich – Attorney Capt. Steve Smith –  Aviation (retired) 
Chris Dorr – Community Leader Ralph Spence –  Business Leader, Oil  
John Eisenhauer – Business Leader, Technology Wallace Stadtfeld –  Educator (retired) 
Michael Fried – College Professor (retired) Rev. Marc Stewart –  Executive Minister, United Church of Christ
Rev. George Goodrich – Executive Minister, Presbyterian Church  Rodney Svee –  Education Administration (retired) 
Mike Gulledge – Business Leader, Publishing Pete Taylor –  Hospitality Industry
Carl Hansen – Financial Planner  Chuck Tooley – Business Leader - Communications
Rod Kastelitz – Business Leader, Healthcare  Mary Underriner – Business Leader, Automotive
Lyle Knight – Business Leader, Banking (retired) Mike Walker – Business Leader, Real Estate
Greg McDonald – Business Leader, Land Development Jim Winchell – Business Leader, Accounting
Jack Mowell – Business Leader, Banking, Oil & Gas, Technology