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Mission, Goals, Outcomes


The DMSc program aims to promote the physician assistant profession through the enhancement of knowledge in leadership, healthcare policy, quality medical delivery improvement, and research.


  • Graduates will demonstrate a commitment to scholarship and lifelong learning;
  • Graduates will demonstrate leadership in medicine appropriate to a physician assistant;
  • Graduates will demonstrate competency in clinical medicine appropriate to a physician assistant.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the importance of evidence-based medicine in clinical practice;
  2. Contribute to the body of medical literature;
  3. Recognize and describe aspects of quality in patient care;
  4. Employ techniques and protocols that lead to safe patient care;
  5. Promote patient safety;
  6. Communicate effectively in clinical and other medical settings;
  7. Acknowledge the importance of ethical behavior in medical settings;
  8. Describe key differences between rural and urban medical practice;
  9. Identify and manage legal, regulatory, economic, and organizational factors that affect medical practice.