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Admission Requirements

Admission to the Master of Educational Leadership Program is competitive and will be based on the following requirements for admission. View all forms, including applications and reference forms.

Complete the following if you are interested in completing a master's-level program in educational leadership:

  • Complete a separate application for admission to the program;
  • Submit a current resume with a defined goal statement. The goal statement is four to seven pages, double-spaced and explains 1) your philosophy of education; 2) qualities or characteristics of exemplary leaders; 3) how you demonstrate or embody these qualities or characteristics in your professional experience; 4) why you are applying to the RMC Educational Leadership Program;
  • Submit an official transcript from the institution granting your most recent degree;
  • Submit three professional reference forms completed by 1) your principal, 2) a teacher the principal chooses, and 3) a teacher of your choice. If you are not currently teaching, choose a supervisor who can tell us about your work;
  • Submit a photocopy of your valid (current) teaching certificate. If your certificate has expired, you will be required to submit your renewed certificate before applying for the principal certificate; and
  • Acceptance into the program will also include a successful interview for admission.
  • If born after 1957, provide proof of two MMR Immunizations.