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  • Everything about the course and professors was superb. Nothing was done without explanation, background, and intention. They modeled everything they taught. I couldn't be more excited about the program.
  • Stressing the ISLLC Standards repeatedly and the constant modeling how to be an effective leader was great. The speakers have been excellent. It is amazing how quickly the entire group came together. I have already formed great relationships.
  • Variety of instructional approaches was helpful, loved the excitement for the program. Relevant, interesting, engaging.
  • The passion that the instructors bring to the course make it a very interesting and valuable course.
  • Professor competency was outstanding.
  • This is an intense and rigorous course that will leave me amazingly well-prepared to be a school leader. Having started this program at a different university, I know this program is much stronger that others in the state. Thanks for being innovators.
  • The class moved along well. I felt my time was valued and they made the time count (positive way to say "you didn't waste time"). Excellent attitude of "we can make this work."
  • Hands-on learning, real-world examples of real issues - these are all attributes of this great program.
  • An outstanding presentation by Dr. Larry Lezotte brought home reading assignments and inspired me.
  • The course and the internship are definitely high quality and all is extremely valuable to me.
  • Teachers modeled the leadership that the course materials advocate. They also aligned all materials and tasks to leadership standards.
  • Research based instructional strategies - this is great.
  • I really enjoyed this and learned so much. The first week definitely proved that my decision to be a part of this program was the right one. Congrats on a great program.

Testimonials From Administrators Involved in the Program

  • This program prepares aspiring leaders for education in the years ahead.
  • I wish I had been this ready to assume a leadership role when I first became a principal.
  • The level of support for students and administrators was awesome. I was honored to be a part of the program.
  • I haven't worked this hard in a long time, and I loved it.
  • This program is a great example of practical experience and cutting-edge knowledge. The students are very well prepared.
  • Thanks RMC for preparing instructional leaders for Montana.