Faculty & Staff

Holly Basta, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology
Phone: 406.657.1089
Office: Bair Science Center 101B
Email: holly.basta@rocky.edu

Jennifer Beverly, MPAS, PA-C

Academic Coordinator/Assistant Professor 
Phone: 406.657.1181 
Office: Fortin Education Center 112 
Email:  jennifer.beverly@rocky.edu

Carrie Hall, MPAS, PA-C

Director of Clinical Education
Phone: 406.1149
Office: Fortin Education Center 114
Email: carrie.hall@rocky.edu

Cody Halverson

Coordinator of Admissions for Health Professions
Phone: 406.657.1198
Office: Fortin Education Center 118
Email: halversonc@rocky.edu 

Dwight Harley, MS, PA-C 

Assistant Professor 
Phone: 406.657.1183 
Office: Fortin Education Center 121 
Email:  dwight.harley@rocky.edu

Heather Heggem, MPAS, PA-C 

Program Director  
Phone: 406.657.1193 
Office: Fortin Education Center 115 
Email:  heather.heggem@rocky.edu

Ulrich Hoensch, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Mathematics 
Phone: 406.657.1126 
Office: Morledge-Kimball 118 
Email:  ulrich.hoensch@rocky.edu

Amy Kintz 

Assistant to the Director of Clinical Education
Phone: 406.657.1068
Office: Fortin Education Center - PA Program
Email: amy.kintz@rocky.edu

Sharon Klem

Office Manager/Program Review Coordinator 
Phone: 406.657.1190 
Office: Fortin Education Center - PA Program 
Email:  sharon.klem@rocky.edu

Adam Mattingly, MS, MPAS, PA-C

Assistant Professor 
Phone: 406.657.1192 
Office: Fortin Education Center 111 
Email:  adam.mattingly@rocky.edu

Mark Osterlund, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Biology
Phone: 406.657.7382
Office: Bair Science Center 101C
Email: mark.osterlund@rocky.edu

Brady Ruff, MPAS, PA-C

Professor, MPAS 
B.A. Rocky Mountain College
B.A. Rocky Mountain College
MPAS Rocky Mountain College 
Phone: 406.657.1148
Office: Fortin 116
Email: brady.ruff@rocky.edu

David Shenton, MD

Medical Director/Associate Professor, Physician Assistant Studies   
Physician Assistant Program   
Phone: 406.657.1199   
Office: Fortin Education Center 116   
Email:  david.shenton@rocky.edu 

Patti States, MD

Assistant Professor 
Phone: 406.657.1148 
Office: Fortin Education Center 116 
Email:  patti.states@rocky.edu