Vision / Mission / Goals


Our vision is to excel as a center of health care education dedicated to providing medical services to the underserved and rural populations of this intermountain region.


The mission of the Rocky Mountain College Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program (MPAS) is to educate primary care providers who embody a combination of academic talents of evidence-based medicine, clinical skills, and professionalism while providing compassionate health care services, particularly to those in rural and underserved areas of this region. Our graduates distinguish themselves through an emphasis on patient safety and quality improvement.


The PA Program aims to provide a high quality medical education experience that will challenge you to:

  • Demonstrate core medical knowledge appropriate to PA professionals;
  • Demonstrate interpersonal and communication skills appropriate to PA professionals;
  • Demonstrate the competencies in patient care appropriate to PA professionals; and,
  • Demonstrate professionally appropriate knowledge and behaviors

The program strives to meet its mission and goals. We acknowledge our responsibility to current and future students to show factually accurate evidence of achieving program goals. Our most recent evidence is shown below. All scores are based on a scale where “1” is excellent and “6” is very poor.