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NOTE: If you wish to save the data on the PDF fill-in forms, you may need to have Adobe Reader 5.05 or later. If you do not, you may not be able to save the data for future use.

Initial Enrollment Forms

ROTC Scholarship Forms

Cadet Contracting Forms

  • DA Form 597 - Cadet Non-Scholarship Contract: Non-scholarship cadets need to read this thoroughly prior to contracting (PDF)
  • DA Form 597-3 - Cadet Scholarship Contract: Scholarship cadets need to read this thoroughly prior to contracting (PDF)
  • DD Form 4 - Enlistment Document. All contracting cadets need to read this thoroughly (PDF)
  • DD Form 93 - Record of Emergency Data (PDF)
  • DD Form 2005 - Privacy Act Statement - Health Care Record (PDF)
  • DD Form 2351 - DoDMERB Medical Examination Form (PDF)
  • DD Form 2492 - DoDMERB Medical History Form (PDF)
  • SF 1199A - Direct Deposit Sign Up Form (PDF)
  • SGLV 8286 - Soldier's Group Life Insurance Form (PDF)
  • W-4 - Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate (PDF)

Warrior Forge Forms and Documents

ROTC Related Documents

Cadet Command Forms

DA Forms

  • DA Form 1380 - Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Training (PDF)
  • DA Form 4856 - Developmental Counseling Form (PDF)

DD Forms

Army Publications