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2013 Honors Theses

Anthony S. Arveschoug:

"Science, Education, and Obfuscation: The Horizon of Creationist Legislation and What It Means For a Continuing Controversy"
B.S. in Biology and Communication Studies
First Reader: Shelby Jo Long-Hammond, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Second Reader: Philip Jensen, Assistant Professor of Biology

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Anudari Batjargal:

"Mongolian Aviation Ready for Takeoff: A Case Within Post-Socialist Transition and Growing Foreign Direct Investment"
B.S. in Aviation Management and Managerial Accounting
First Reader: Clete Knaub, Assistant Professor of Aviation and Business
Second Reader: Ann Adair, Assistant Professor of Economics

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Jason Tobin:

"A Study for Improving Safety: Building the Tools to Ensure Student Success"
B.S. in Aeronautical Science
First Reader: Daniel Hargrove, Director of Aviation
Second Reader: Thomas Nelson, Manager of Safety Training

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Jobe Traywick:

"Sedimentology and Provenance of Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic Sedimentary Basins: Southern and Western Mongolia"
B.S. in Geology
First Reader: Derek Sjostrom, Assistant Professor of Geology
Second Reader: Emily Geraghty-Ward, Assistant Professor of Geology

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Kyle Tusler:

"The Cattle Barons' Rise and Fall: A History of Western Cattle Ranching in the Mountains and on the Plains of Montana and Wyoming from 1865 Until the End of the Cattle Barons"
B.A. in History
First Reader: Tim Lehman, Professor of History
Second Reader: Jenifer Parks, Assistant Professor of History

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