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2017 Honors Theses

David Fejeran:

"A Tragedy of Tea, Trading, and Turmoil: A Social History of India Under the East India Company"
First Reader: Timothy Lehman, Professor of History
Second Reader: Jenifer Parks, Assistant Professor of History

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Joshua W. Lieuallen:

”’How it Works’: An Interdisciplinary Perspective on the Spirituality of Alcoholics Anonymous"
First Reader: Julie Beicken, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Second Reader: Barbara Vail, Professor of Psychology

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Alethea M. Shaules:

"Rockfall Hazard Assessment for the Eagle Formation in Billings, Montana: Analyzing the Major Weathering and Erosional Processes to Explain Rockfall Events"
B.A. in Sociology
First Reader: Emily Geraghty-Ward, Associate Professor of Geology
Second Reader: Derek Sjostrom, Associate Professor of Geology

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