Admission Requirements 

Follow this link for a complete overview and listing of program requirements.

Traditional Graduate Admission - Applicants for the program who possess undergraduate degrees will be considered for admission based on the following:

  • Possession of an earned bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. The candidate's major field of study must be in a field other than accounting;
  • Cumulative undergraduate GPA of a 3.00 or above;
  • Completion of the GMAT exam; and
  • Completion of the course prerequisites. The cumulative GPA for the courses must be a 3.00 or above.

3:2 Program Admission - Current RMC undergraduate students and undergraduate transfers to RMC are subject to a two-tiered admission process. Students are first admitted to the accounting program for the fourth year of study; then, contingent upon sufficient academic profess, to the master of accountancy program for the fifth year of study. The specific admission requirements are:

  • Candidates must have completed 90 semester hours of college-level credits with a cumulative GPA of a 2.75 or above. The 90 earned credits must include the eight prerequisite courses and students must earn a cumulative GPA of a 3.00 or above in these courses; and 
  • Upon completing 125 college-level credits, candidates are eligible for formal admission to the master's of accountancy program. To be admitted, candidates must complete the GMAT exam, currently be enrolled in the accounting program, and in good academic standing.