Managerial Accounting

Is that bottleneck really cutting back on profits? Should we further develop a product? How much would it cost to add another product line?

Managerial accounting is becoming more and more important in the business world as companies consider these questions and others like them. Managerial accounting is about being able to provide accounting information that makes it easier for management inside a company to make decisions according to how their company is actually functioning.

The Rocky Mountain College managerial accounting concentration within the business administration program is different from other accounting programs because it has a liberal arts foundation. Rocky professors are dedicated to students, rather than research. In combination with the core curriculum, students learn to apply knowledge from the fields of accounting, economics, finance, and management. This assures that every student not only masters the skills of accounting, but also becomes skilled in leadership, communication, and reasoning. In addition, all accounting students undertake an internship that provides actual job experience in the field. Our students have interned in top accounting firms, on the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, in health care, in banks, and retail businesses. Often these internships have led to employment upon graduation.

In fact, the accounting program enjoys a post-graduation placement rate of nearly 100 percent. Students who elect not to take positions following graduation successfully pursue advanced degrees, such as a master's of accountancy or a master's of business administration.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Managerial Accounting Concentration

Curriculum and Program Requirements

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