Why RMC For Accountancy?Losekamp 

The accountancy program at Rocky Mountain College strives to prepare graduates for careers as accountants in public accounting, private industry, and government by enabling graduates to:

  • Develop technical competence;
  • Recognize the role of the accountant in an organization;
  • Behave in accordance with accepted professional ethical standards and principles; and
  • Create value for organizations and society at-large.

An accounting education from Rocky Mountain College provides a unique and challenging experience. Like all programs at RMC, the accounting program is grounded in the liberal arts, and you will graduate from RMC as a wholly educated person, rather than an individual who has been trained only in a specific field. Our internship program will, however, provide you with valuable hands-on experience in accounting, and rest assured, that the accounting curriculum will prepare you well for the world of work. At RMC, the combination of the liberal arts and professional preparation really does provide the best of both worlds.