Kenny at art in the Beartooths

Why RMC For Art?

The answer is simple: because the surroundings demand it.

Whether you are inspired by the soaring Beartooth Mountains, the home of the famous Beartooth Pass leading to Yellowstone National Park; the beautiful Rimrock that line the city of Billings; our park-setting campus with majestic sandstone buildings; or the longest free-flowing river in North America - the Yellowstone River, at Rocky Mountain College, inspiration is all around you.

The intimate nature of our school, the value the art faculty places on intentional and personal interactions with students, combined with their broad and deep range of experience, make Rocky Mountain College a perfect place to study art. We currently offer majors in both art and art education, and for those who are interested, we also offer an art minor.

You just can't find better art faculty than what we have at RMC - respected scholars and exhibitors around the world - and we would like to share them with you.