Horizon Air and Rocky Mountain College Pilot Development Program

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Horizon Air visits Rocky Mountain College at least once a year, recruiting future pilots and conducting interviews.  Students who desire to fly for Horizon Air have a clear path to a career there, if they meet qualifications. Many RMC graduates have started their airline careers at Horizon Air.


  • At the time of the applications the student must have completed a minimum of a private pilot certificate.
  • Major in Aeronautical Science and be successfully moving towards completion.
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.75
  • First Class medical.
  • Work as a flight instructor at Rocky Mountain College to build time to a minimum of 1000 total hours, as required for the restricted ATP.
  • Commit to a minimum of two years employment with Horizon Air.
  • Meet standards of behavior at RMC and be recommended by the Aviation Review Board.
  • Other details are available from the RMC Director of Aviation


Horizon Air
  • Horizon Air employees typically will interview the candidate on campus at RMC after he/she has completed private pilot training.  There is not a second interview.
  • After acceptance into the program, the student will receive a stipend from Horizon Air after he/she completes commercial pilot training.  The stipend must be used for multi-engine or CFI training.
  • The student will develop a close relationship with Horizon Air and pilots there while finishing his education and flight training.

Important: The information on this page is based on our current agreement with Horizon Air and may change. For the most current details, talk to the RMC Director of Aviation.